Over the past few years, our team at  Vintage Diehls have become known for our epic selection of ugly Christmas sweaters that are actually cute. We scour the vintage market and pair the perfect turleneck with just the right sweater vest, we find amazing holiday flannels, cozy sweatshirts, and we always have plenty of tacky Christmas brooches to make your outfit even more epic. Shop the newest pieces here.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest Vintage Diehls

Ugly Christmas Flannel

Teddy Bear Christmas Sweater

Christmas Sweater Vest and Turtleneck

Vintage Tweety Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Snowflake Holiday Sweater Vintage

Teddy Bear Holiday Sweater

Kids Reindeer Ugly Christmas Sweater

Jingle Bells Vintage Knitted Stocking

Santas boot brooch filled with rhinestone presents

Red holiday flannel

Blue holiday cardigan

Christmas tree rhinestone gold brooch

Cozy holiday cropped fleece jacket

Glitter sleigh brooch

Cute baby animals vintage teddy bear oversized sweatshirt

1950s Santa tie

Mens holly sweater vest

Present sweatshirt